Why you need to use our software



Companies of all sizes - from multi-nationals to SME's benefit from using our software - See 'What our Users Say'.

Many companies have experienced loading staff who, when faced with the physical cargo and a trailer or container, are able to produce good quality load plans. However this often takes considerable time, and as the cargo set will have usually already been specified, this may inevitably result in cargo being left behind, or a trailer / container being dispatched with significant wasted space. Also, relying on volume based estimates as to what will fit will inevitably lead to over or under estimation depending on the characteristics of an individual cargo set. 

CARGOMANAGER can provide major savings by:

Providing a rapid and accurate tool for order enquiry response - It produces efficient load plans for 1 (or 1000) containers in a matter of seconds - perhaps whilst your customer is still on the telephone. 
Giving you the opportunity to sell additional goods - by knowing with certainty what additional cargo will fit in a given container.
Ensuring that dispatch / export lists are accurate - not finding at the last minute that a consignment will not fit!
Enabling you to choose which container / trailer size is best suited to a consignment - in seconds and not based on crude volumetric approximations.
Providing quality graphical loading diagrams and picking lists for the shop floor - just in case the skilled loading staff are not available.

Our evaluation & trial systems allow you to try out all modes of operation prior to purchase.