Customer Reviews



Miralis Data and the original developers Goal Optimal Algorithms, have over 50 years collective experience in developing IT solutions to palletisation, containerisation and other logistics problems. Below are comments from just a few of our current customers.

"PALLETMANAGER has been an absolute boon to our company and would be an extremely useful tool to any company involved in storage and distribution, either directly or indirectly." Jon Barlow, Commercial Manager, Arden Fine Foods. (read more)

"CARGOMANAGER is used to plan loads and check stows of mixed products. It does in 10 minutes what could take a human nearly a day and feeds our work mix and pricing systems". Logistics, Idem Papers.  (read more)

"PALLETMANAGER is an excellent tool to enable us to maximise our product / pallet to meet the different requirements of customers across the world." Production Dept, Boxes Prestige UK Ltd.  (read more)

"PALLETMANAGER enabled us to save 25,000 UK pounds / year in distribution costs on just one of our hundreds of product lines." Distribution Department, Mookie Toys.  (read more)

"PALLETMANAGER is simply a tool every packaging technologist must have" Packaging Technologist,  Cuisine de France. (read more)

"PALLETMANAGER has produced significant warehousing and transport savings, coupled with reliable and well presented information in a user friendly system which is now ingrained into our operating procedures". Procurement, Hallmark Cards.  (read more)

"CARGOMANAGER is proving most beneficial to our logistics operations ensuring we maximise load fill. An excellent package which is easy to use and gives benefits in time, costs and gives a professional image.". Logistics, Glen Dimplex Home Appliances.  (read more)

"PALLETMANAGER is a user-friendly software product that gives great savings in costs and time - and the developers GOAL give excellent customer support." Packaging Dept, Acheson & Acheson. (read more)

"PALLETMANAGER ensures that our packaging & palletisation formats maximise load efficiency and minimise both product damage and environmental impacts. Guinness, Dublin & Runcorn.  (read more)

More detail on each of the above:

Arden Fine Foods, a UK based SME import quality foods from Europe and use PALLETMANAGER to produce palletisation specifications for products that they supply to multiples including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda. "Not only has it enabled us to make maximal use of warehousing and transportation but in doing so it has provided us with an effective control system to our customers. The software is powerful yet easy to use, and provides effective numeric and graphical output suitable for use by a wide range of staff". Jon Barlow, Commercial Manager.

Idem Papers (formerly part of Arjo Wiggins) use CARGOMANAGER to plan export loads of mixed paper products. �The software can do in 10 minutes what it might take a manual planner a day or more to do".

Boxes Prestige (UK) Ltd are one of Europe�s leading innovators and manufacturers of luxury printed cartons for companies such as Avon, Crabtree & Evelyn, Marks & Spencer, Ted Baker, Thorntons, Tilda and Twinings. The production department use PALLETMANAGER to ensure that designs maximise product / pallet and thus minimise both local and third party storage and distribution costs.

Mookie Toys produce a wide range of activity toys for the UK and International market place. PALLETMANAGER is used to determine optimal pallet utilisation and produce specifications for companies such as Argos, Woolworth and Tesco. "The software is easy to use and reliable in operation. We currently hold over 2000 product specifications in the system and have made major savings on palletisation and packaging costs. On our Swingball product alone a £25,000 annual saving.

Cuisine de France, a major producer of specialist breads and confectionery, use PALLETMANAGER to optimise product and case configurations saving time, money and energy. "A tool every packaging technologists must have - a great tool when designing new packaging formats for new and existing products."

Hallmark Cards, the UK's leading greeting card publisher produce around two billion cards per year. They utilise PALLETMANAGER as an integral part of their procurement / packaging design operations, so that they can quickly investigate the impact of product design changes and react to these so as to minimise costs and make best use of warehousing and transport facilities. Significant warehousing and transport savings have resulted, so that now the software is ingrained into their operating procedures. Procurement Manager, Hallmark Cards.

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances use CARGOMANAGER to determine the loading of containers with mixed loads of their cooking and cooling products (brands such as Stoves, Belling, New World and Lec), especially for the Australasian market. As well as ensuring maximum load fill it also assists their credit control department wishing to open letters of credit for exact quantities. "An excellent package, easy to use and providing benefits in time, costs and gives a professional image". Logistics Manager, GDHA distribution.

Acheson & Acheson supplies innovative beauty products to highly respected international retailers and global brands. They use PALLETMANAGER to maintain consistent and optimal pallet loading, giving them great savings in costs and time.

Guinness plants in the UK and Ireland have for many years used PALLETMANAGER in the design of products / packaging so as to improve transport efficiency, cut environmental impacts and reduce product damage. Diageo are naturally are keen to ensure that their product arrives in perfect condition for their customers, and PALLETMANAGER ensures product design and stacking plans maximise load fill whilst minimising possible product damage. Reducing vehicle and container movements has also had a very positive environmental impact.


Other software users include: DHL, Disney Store, Estee Lauder, Fergusons, Green Isle Foods, Heineken UK, Iceland, Import Services, LDH (La Doria), Maccess, Meyer Group, Panasonic, PMS Int., Princes, Taylors, Ultimate Products and Unilever.