Technical Support



For all support questions please contact Miralis Data at or call them on +44 (0)1524 68818. This page is provided for the benefit of users.

We are pleased to report that PALLETMANAGER, CARGOMANAGER and SLIPSHEET MANAGER do provide relatively trouble-free operation. They are full 32 bit Windows applications written entirely using Silverfrost Fortran which provides fast, flexible and reliable code (faster than C++!) and future potential support for Microsoft .NET. All products operate under Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8 and Windows 10 - and requires < 20Mb of disk space. Licensed systems can be installed either locally or on a network. We also have users running our software on Mac equipment - please see the information here.


The two page Installation Summary documents (PDF format) sent with all CD's can be accessed here:

CARGOMANAGER Installation 

The installation process uses the familiar Installshield / Windows MSI installer used by many applications and further details on this are available here. Normally the installation process will operate correctly with normal virus scanner settings, however we have had one occasion with Mcafee Viruscan on a server when access rights required the virus protection to be switched off during installation. Also on Citrix systems with re-mapped drives you may need to install on a local workstation and then copy to the Citrix server (a known Citrix Knowledge Centre issue with Microsoft Installer).

Additional Technical Notes (for all products).
Information on the use of the PALLETMANAGER Spreadsheet Add-in (Manual Section 17)
Notes related to Apple Mac and IOS and tablet Devices.

The other point of reference in the case of problems should be the appropriate user manual - especially Section 2 and Appendix 1 in both manuals (available below).

With all our products this is automatically installed with the software and is accessible from most screens within the applications. (Full manuals for all products can also be accessed here.) Networking issues are dealt with here.

Version Numbers:

Whilst we typically refer to (say) Version 5.7 of an application, in practice versions 5.70 / 5.71 / 5.72 etc will exist. Versions such as 5.70 and 5.71 are typically used for evaluation / trial versions whilst later numbers in the sequence (5.72, 5.73 etc) are used for release versions and updates to the same.

TRIAL systems are protected and restricted to 21 day operation and/or limited numbers of uses. They MUST be installed on the local drive of the pc. (Licensed systems can, of course, be installed locally or on a network). To run TRIAL systems occasionally administrator status is required.


Networking Issues - see this PDF document.
The STORE Module - information here.
Merging / Public Access to Webbase Reports
Using PDF - see this PDF document.
Using our recommended PDF solution - PDFMachine
Software Updates


Networking Issues - information here.
Using PDF - see this PDF document.
Software Updates
Other CARGOMANAGER issues including database formats.

System fails to Run.

If either PALLETMANAGER or CARGOMANAGER fails to run after operating correctly for some time then the most likely cause is a machine problem or file corruption. The following steps are recommended:

  1. Shut down the computer and re-start. Try the software again to see if the problem has been cured. This can sometimes overcome problems - if not:
  2. Re-install the software (from disks / CD). When installed in the same folder (default folder is PMNT) then user files will be retained. Try the software again. [This will correct any potential problems with any of the executable files being corrupt]. If the problem persists:
  3. Install the software on another machine in a temporary folder. In this way all the operational files - both executable and user and inbuilt data files - will be new. 

If Step 3 cures the problem then the problem may be with one of the user data files. A full list of these is given at the end of Section 2 of the respective manuals. Copying each of these to the temporary folder should help identify any invalid files.