Technical Support



All our software products including PALLETMANAGER, CARGOMANAGER and SLIPSHEET MANAGER are designed to operate on all modern Windows systems. On occasion users have used them on other operating environments (e.g. Citrix) but unfortunately we cannot provide support for non-Windows environments. We do have users running our software on Mac equipment utilising for example Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Business Edition, Windows 10 pro on (for example) a MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra. Screen resolution settings in this mode need to be set to those typically available on a PC.

However we are happy to use this page to report suggestions from users on ways in which our software might be used on other platforms.

Firstly we should say that it IS POSSIBLE to utilise the reports output from PALLETMANAGER from WEBBASE on most other platforms including Apple Mac, Iphone and Ipad as well as other tablets / phones. This is because the Webbase is held as an HTML index file with links to .JPG reports. Thus you could (using you company website / Intranet) access the Webbase index file showing all the saved product specifications and then view and print (via for example Airprint) the very latest reports from your mobile device as shown below.



In terms of running our software on a Mac one possible solution which is marketed by Apple and has received very +ve reviews is the software Parallels which allows Mac users to load a modern Windows system on their Mac and run Windows applications. As described earlier on this page this is in use by a few users and is reported to work well.

Other software products (Apps) which might be of use to those with an Ipad / Iphone who wants to access Webbase Palletisation Specifications offline are products such as WebCopier Pro and iSaveWeb Pro which are reported to allow complete sets of Webbase files to be downloaded for offline viewing on Ipad / Iphone and Browse Later which is also reported to do a similar thing. Details available as usual on the Apple App Store.