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(Covers Introduction, Installation, Removal)

2.1 Introduction.

SLIPSHEET MANAGER uses a standard Windows InstallShield installation procedure that will be familiar to most PC users.  

The software requires a Pentium PC running Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7,8 or 10. A screen display mode of at least 1024*768 or ideally better should be used. The software on installation requires less that 10Mb of disk space, though files created (saved) by users will increase this over time.

SLIPSHEET MANAGER can be installed on a local or networked drive (but trial copies must be installed locally). Miralis Data (and our website) can provide suitable advice for multi-copy licensing. The default installation folder suggested during the installation process is on your C drive in folder SSMANAGER. Users can select an alternate folder during installation. 

SLIPSHEET MANAGER MUST NEVER be installed in a folder containing other Miralis Data applications (e.g. PALLETMANAGER or CARGOMANAGER).

The installation registers the application in the Windows registry (so it can be de-installed) but all application files are copied to the specified installation folder. Any SLIPSHEET MANAGER user datafiles (e.g. default values - see Appendix 1) found in the installation folder will be retained and not changed.


The CD supplied may contain just our SLIPSHEET MANAGER application, but on occasion may also contain trial copies of our PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER software. The CD will normally autostart when placed in the CD drive and the Install Software option can then be selected.

All CD versions allow TRIAL installations of any products to be carried out. These TRIAL installations (only) MUST always be installed on a local (not network) drive of your computer. 

The protection mechanism used requires the user to have administrative rights (Windows 2000/XP/Vista). Please contact us if this is a problem.

When the trial period is over you will be advised to contact Miralis Data to purchase a license. The software will continue to function but container and case sizes will be restricted to non-commercial values.


Please be aware that TRIAL installations allow just a small number of user sessions, with each session being limited to tackling just a few problems. Users are therefore encouraged to review the manual / Getting Started Guide before wasting trial time.

A Licensed Enabled CD will enable the user to install the software on both local and network drives. The CD can be used to create a complete new installation or (if you have a current license / support agreement) for update of a previous installation. If you update an installation (in the same folder) then user configuration and database files from that release will be retained. 

Depending upon the configuration you may be requested to enter licence codes when you first run the application.

Installation Steps:

(1) With Windows running insert the installation CD. The CD will normally autostart and you are then able to to select the 'Install Application' option to install SLIPSHEET MANAGER.

Note: It will NOT be necessary to de-install  any previous copies of the software - whether evaluation, trial or fully licensed that are already on the machine.

(2) If you are installing in TRIAL mode then you must install on a local drive of your computer. If you have a licensed CD and a set of license codes then you can install either locally or on a network drive. SLIPSHEET MANAGER must NEVER be installed in the same folder as PALLETMANAGER / CARGOMANAGER (the default folder names are different).

An InstallShield Wizard will guide you through the installation process. In choosing the destination location for the SLIPSHEET MANAGER files the default location is a folder SSMANAGER on your C drive. Installing 'over the top' of the previous release will retain all user created files

Note the comments below regarding complete removal of trial or full systems.

(3) The final installation step requires you to run the software. Select SLIPSHEET MANAGER using the appropriate Start / Programs entry which will have been added during installation.

When you run the software for the first time a Screen MAY be displayed which asks you for license codes. TRIAL users should (as instructed) just accept the pre-entered TRIAL codes, Licensed users should enter codes supplied to them with their CD.

Very Important:  

On licenced installations where the entry of codes is invited then, if this is done correctly, you are immediately informed that the software is 'Fully Licensed'. Otherwise you will be informed that the software is in 'Trial mode'. 

Installation is now complete. 

The executable file RUNSLIPS is used to launch the application.

Users are encouraged to make use of the on-disk searchable hyperlinked manual which can be accessed from the main SLIPSHEET MANAGER menu and from most screens. This includes a short Overview / Guided Tour . The manual is a natural supplement to the individual Help entries available on most screens. 

2.3 Software Removal.

To remove SLIPSHEET MANAGER you can select Add/Remove programs from the Windows Control Panel (after selecting Start / Settings / Control Panel (or Start / Control Panel) in Windows).   

This will remove most files, however you will need to delete the few remaining files in the installation folder (C drive - folder SSMANAGER by default), and the folder itself, (in both instances using Windows Explorer / My Computer) to fully remove the system. (This is because the files remaining are generated by the SLIPSHEET MANAGER user and not installed by the software).


Miralis Data Support:


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