New and Recently introduced CARGOMANAGER Features.

For Release 6.0

CARGOMANAGER is subject to an ongoing development program with major new upgrades being released approximately every 12 - 15 months. A brief summary of some of the new features is given below, together with enhancements made over the past couple of years which you may have failed to spot when first introduced. 

The Main CARGOMANAGER Manual Menu can be accessed here.


  • One of the major new enhancements in v5.2 was the introduction of cylinders as an item type. This allows the type of arrangements shown below to be created. It should be noted that in order to obtain realistic load plans for cargo comprising both cubic and cylindrical items that appropriate values are set on the input screens. This is covered in detail in Section 13 of the manual.

  • The selection of cylindrical cargo items is based on the dimensional entries on the data input screen as shown below, and a tick box which comes available when length and width have equal values.
  • For many years the orientation of units within a container has used a numeric code format 1-6. This remains the default in this release but users can opt for a set of graphics characters which we believe makes identification rather easier. The set of codes chosen are shown below and how to get these codes is described in Appendix 1. In addition the default orientation settings on the input screens can be changed. This is also described in Appendix 1.

  • The release includes some major enhancements to speed and functionality to the Weight Wizard function. This comes into play when packing a single container with a cargo which will be limited by the container weight limit, provides the user with the best possible set of cargo to pack in order to just meet the container weight restriction. See Section 4.8


  • A PrintALL facility is available in both single and multiple container operations of CARGOMANAGER. This allows users to quickly produce printed load plans for any individual container or for a complete batch of containers with a single selection. The PrintALL function is available from the 'Mini 3D' screen and is described in Section 12 of the manual installed with the software:

When select the user can then select whether 2D reports (as well as a 3D load plan) are to be produced and can select which containers are to be printed as shown below:

  • From the menu on Screen 7 from where 3D/2D load plan printing is activated, a new menu entry Coordins allows you print out (and save to file) a report containing the descriptions, the exact co-ordinates within the container and the item dimensions / orientations of each item in the load plan. This also includes details of the distance of each item from the container door. This report can also be requested at the point where 2D/3D reports are about to be printed and from the PrintALL function described above.


  • A range of enhancements have been made in both input and output routines. These include the display of the total volume and weight of the consignment as it is being entered and the facility to suppress the printout of the full cargo list when printing the 2D/3D reports.


  • This release (according to licence) allows a datafile to contain details of up to 15,000 different item TYPES (and obviously various quantities of each of these up to 50,000 items in total), and when packing in MultiContainer mode loads requiring up to 1000 containers / trailers can be solved. In line with these changes the ITEMBASE has been expanded to allow up to 25,000 entries. We have also extended the range of priority values which can be set for each cargo item from the previous range of 1-99 to a new range 1-32000. We would recommend that for speed of processing the previous limits be used unless the extended range is required for a particular application.
  • CARGOMANAGER includes a new utility MAKEIB to enable users to quickly and easily create a product ITEMBASE from data that may be held in other formats. The utility enables a user with a spreadsheet containing product descriptions, sizes and weights to quickly convert this to the necessary ITEMBASE format.


We very much hope you find the above features, and others not detailed above, are of use to you and welcome feedback on new features you would like to see included in future releases.

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