New CARGOMANAGER users are first recommended to first read the Short Getting Started Guide and then possibly the rather longer Section 3 - Guided Tour. Existing users can see at a glance details on New Features.

Technical questions are dealt with in Section 2 and Appendix 1.

Questions on how to get packing solutions suitable for your particular environment - a critical factor - are dealt with in Section 6.

Getting Started Guide New Features
Section 1- Introduction. Section 2- Installation.
Section 3- A Guided Tour. Section 4- More Advanced Features.
Section 5- INPUT Screens Section 6- The Packing Options.

Section 7- Calculation Screens.

Section 8- Display Screens.
Section 9- End Packing. Section 10- The CARGOMANAGER database.
Section 11 - BestCont (Container comparison - single container loads. Section 12 - Multiple Container Modes - MultiCont and MixedCont   
Section 13- Glossary of Terms. Appendix 1- Other Technical Information.
Appendix 2 - e-CARGO Appendix 3- Data Interchange with Other Systems.