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APPENDIX 2 - e-CARGO - Integrated emailing of load specifications.

A2.1. Introduction.

This section describes the low cost easy to use add-on module for CARGOMANAGER that enables users to email container load specifications directly from within the application in a format identical to that normally produced on the printer. 

Given the size of files required this is not available as part of the web trial download and is distributed as a separate application to CARGOMANAGER itself.

The email attachment produced uses the widely popular Adobe PDF format - already in extensive use for web pages - e.g. the download of all the UK tax forms! - and simply requires the users to have installed the free Adobe Reader. A majority of PC's are likely to already have this installed or it can be downloaded from Adobe (www. )..

A2.2. How the email facility works.

Normally CARGOMANAGER users might print out a load specification and then fax this to one or more locations. 

With this add-on facility, at the point where a printout might typically be requested users select the Email / Print option.

The PDF Email option is then selected from the following user dialog.

The resulting output which would 'normally' have gone to your printer is then displayed on screen in PDF format. You can then select to either save this PDF format file to disk (one way of saving specifications for future recall) and/or select Send to launch your email system with the report already set as an attachment. This is illustrated below.

The add-on requires just a licenced PDF / Email driver system. Users may already have access to such a system (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) or might wish to use a system such as PDFMachine which can be downloaded and puchased from the developers - .

The first screen below shows the screen display after selecting the PDF Email option. The full report (in PDF format) is shown on-screen. You can naturally view any / all and select printouts if you wish. Then you select Send.

and the screen below (in this case Microsoft Outlook mail) is automatically launched with the attachment already set in place. You just enter the recipient details and any message and send it off!

The recipient just clicks on the attached file to see the load specification which they can of course print out if required.! In addition the latest version of the PDF software allows multiple A4 pages (e.g. 2 or 4) to be compressed onto a single A4 page. Thus multiple loading diagrams can be even more efficiently distributed.

A2.3. Installation.

As described earlier the e-CARGO facility uses the popular Adobe Acrobat file format for transmission of the specifications. This provides a compact file attachment which can be read on any PC using the free Acrobat reader. It is likely that this will already be installed on many machines.

A CD containing all the necessary files and full instructions on installation can be supplied by Miralis Data or (as indicated above), direct by download from .

A2.4. Additional Questions & Answers.

Can the default filename be changed?

Normally the filename attached to the email will have the name CARGOMANAGER.PDF (if blank or _ used for code), or a filename based on the consignment label you enter as the first detail when inputting details of a new cargo. You have the opportunity to change this. 

Can I use the PDF printer selection without selecting the Email option?

The 'normal' CARGOMANAGER print programs may produce multiple reports and output text and graphics. If you selected the PDF printer option without selecting Email (i.e. in a normal print sequence) then (a) some text pages would not be printed and (b) each report would generate a separate PDF file - thus you might end up with 5 or 6 different PDF files. The special Email program bundles all the reports together to produce a single neat PDF file.

Can I use the PDF printer selection with other programs?

You will be able to supplied (licenced) PDF program to email output from many other Windows  applications in PDF format. It will depend on the procedure used to produce print files within each application but in general this will be possible.

Can I use a PDF printer from another supplier?

The basic procedure adopted by many such software products is that of creating a virtual PDF printer and sending output to that 'device' rather than a physical printer. It is highly likely that any other PDF system set up on your machine will be suitable for use with CARGOMANAGER.


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