Solves container loading and vehicle load planning problems - Saving you time and money! 

Our innovative software will enable you to reduce your logistics, transportation and packaging costs through better use of resources throughout the supply chain. As specialists in this area for over 30 years we know the major savings that YOU can make.

How much would a 5%-15% increase in container / trailer space utilisation be worth to you?

CARGOMANAGER helps you maximise space utilisation in a freight container, trailer, pallet or any other rectangular based enclosure. It has been proven to provide major cost savings for companies across a wide range of industries. It is powerful, simple to use, produces single or multiple load plans and it naturally caters for a wide spectrum of practical loading constraints including the loading of heavy items, pallets, fragile goods etc, into single or multiple containers. 

Provides a rapid and accurate tool for order enquiry response. How much more of product A can be loaded? How many containers are needed for that load? Which container / trailer size is most suited to a specific cargo set?
Eliminates unnecessary waste of fuel and materials, thereby reducing storage and transportation costs.
Saves on transportation costs through more efficient cube utilisation.
Alleviates the tedium of repetitive manual calculations, and removes the risk that the cargo specified does not fit.
Provides you warehouse staff with diagram(s) and detailed load lists showing how it can be loaded.
Provides a natural link between product design, warehousing and distribution functions.

Key software features:

Easy to use windows application (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 /8 or 10) with a logical and well proven solution sequence.
Unique solution techniques meeting practical needs (e.g. priorities, fragility, multi-container loads) - proven in companies worldwide and in the scientific press.
Quick and easy data entry (from keyboard or file) and storage, rapid solution calculation and display.
User selection of both 2D and 3D loading reports (screen and printer and to email) to the level of detail required for a particular situation.
User access to a fully customisable range of packing control parameters as required.
On-line help and full online manual available.
User configurable for English, French, Danish or German language operation throughout.
User-oriented sales and support team and optional ongoing support contracts.

Miralis Data has over 30 years of experience in providing companies worldwide with unique and powerful solutions to logistics and scheduling problems. Current CARGOMANAGER users include Chivas, Diageo, Fergusons, Guinness, Meyer Group, Primeur, TDG Logistics and Ultimate Products as well as many smaller companies. You don't need to be a multi-national to make substantial savings!

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