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Powerful and innovative UK developed software to pack your container or pack your trailer more efficiently is in summary the function of our CARGOMANAGER load planning software. Reduce your logistics, transportation and packaging costs and answer such questions as:


How many containers / trailers are needed for this load?

Which container / trailer sizes are most suited to this consignment?

How much more product can be loaded into this part filled container / trailer? 

Will this consignment fit into this container? and what can I fit in the remaining space?

Plan and view the loading of one or one thousand container loads on screen and printer, producing detailed consignment picking lists and 2D/3D load plans showing how the load can be assembled. Software data entry and reporting can be in English, French, German or Danish languages.

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What would a 5% - 20% increase in trailer / container load utilisation mean to you? Why continue to rely on crude volume based estimates?

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CARGOMANAGER helps you maximise space utilisation in a freight container, trailer, pallet or any other rectangular based enclosure with boxes, pallets or drums. It has been proven to provide major cost savings for companies across a wide range of industries. It is powerful, simple to use, produces single or multiple load plans and it naturally caters for a wide spectrum of practical loading constraints including those encountered when loading heavy items, pallets, fragile goods etc, into single or multiple containers. 

[For packing / loading of single products onto pallets, and the development and design of cost-effective packaging see our PALLETMANAGER software pages.]

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Miralis Data have been providing companies with logistics solutions for over 30 years. CARGOMANAGER is currently used by companies such as Diageo, Fergusons, Glen Dimplex, Meyer Group, Nuaire, Primeur, and Ultimate Products as well as many smaller companies.

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